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Illustrations and Design Illustrations and Design by Amy Bradley Fun, colourful illustrations for everyone!

The Amy Bradley Shop

The Amy Bradley Shop

Amy loves drawing, and loves books... here are a few of her fave books that she got to do the drawings for!

PENGUINPIG is the highly-acclaimed story about a little girl who reads of an exciting creature known as a penguinpig on the Internet. Filled with delight and intrigue, she decides that she must go and find one.

However, her parents are far too busy to take her and so she decides that she will sneak out and find the adorable penguinpig all on her own. Carefully, she follows the instructions from the website - but does she find her delightful penguinpig?

£7 Buy online!

In ‘Monkeycow’, the same little girl, now slightly older, discovers the importance of keeping passwords safe. She bakes the most de-licious chocolate cake for the summer fair and cleverly hides it in a top-secret underground place, with a password for the door, not forgetting a mighty security guard too!

However, whilst out and about, she accidentally shares the password with some of the locals from her town and . . . Oh dear! It doesn’t take long for disaster to strike. Let your little ones find out what happens next and pick up a valuable lesson about password safety.

£8 Buy online!