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Illustrations and Design Illustrations and Design by Amy Bradley Fun, colourful illustrations for everyone!


Yes! MONKEYCOW, the sequel to the No. 1 Best Seller PENGUINPIG, has landed!

Amy has been itching to illustrate this book for a long time so she was relieved when author Stuart Spendlow finally decided to pull his finger out and write a manuscript that she fell in LOVE with.

It's very early days for this brand new picture book but, with people like Matt Lucas (aka the guy from Little Britain) ‘heartily’ recommending it, it's only a matter of time before it follows in the footsteps of PENGUINPIG.

Of course, Amy found the story a complete joy to illustrate and said, "It was like spending time with one of my favourite friends!” Everything you see in this book, from creating the colour palette, choosing the font, organising the layout, to developing the characters is all of Amy’s handiwork!! Why not find out more about MONKEYCOW at the official monkeycow website.


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