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A brand new children’s book!!!

Hello everyone!

How exciting is this..... I’ve got brand new children’s book to tell you about, wooohooooo!!! It's called “Jo-Jo and Gran-Gran All in a Week!”

grangran blog cover

It’s written by the amazing Laura Henry from ‘Laura Henry Consultancy’. Laura is an award winning Early Years specialist and expert Early Years advisor on BBC Ones 'Right on the Money' Swit Swoo!! So thankfully, if anyone knows how to write a children's book – she should!

It’s an Integration book and the first in the series. (Fingers crossed for many more to come!) The story is based on the adorable relationship between a granddaughter and grandmother... counting down the days until they see each other next!

The actual book has the same page dimensions as the well know children’s book ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ and... it's the biggest picture book that I’ve had the pleasure to work on! Eekkkk!!

I have taken more of a collagey/scribbly approach to the illustrations which I think reflects and conveys the story beautifully whilst giving me a challenge!!

grangran blog pages

This particular story lies very close to my heart as it reminds me of my relationship I had with my Grandma... well actually we called her ‘Nana Bott’!

Sadly we lost my Nana at the start of the year but I wanted to capture some of the memories we shared within the illustrations. For example... My Nana Bott loved flowers and when I say ‘loved flowers’ I really mean it!! When it was occasions such as Mothers day or her Birthday it wouldn’t be uncommon to walk into her front room (Flowers in hand) to find her already surrounded in flowers …like 7 vases worth! There I would be, feeling a tad silly to have brought her MORE flowers, she'd jump up with biggest smile of excitement... she’d take flowers straight off me and go rummaging under the sink for the 8th vase to home my gift!

“Jo-Jo and Gran-Gran All in a Week!” gave me plenty of opportunity to include lots of flower drawings and I even created a flowery pattern that is used throughout the book that was inspired by my Nana.

grangran blog pattern

I know Nana Bott would have loved it, as she loved every flower going! With that in mind I tried to get as many flowers as possible into the pattern, her favourite colours were always any kind of pinks or lilacs. This weekend would have been her 73rd birthday and although she’s not here to celebrate it with us we’ll deffo be having a “Bailey’s on ice” (her favorite tipple and soon becoming mine!!) in her honour and as this series books evolves her memory shall live on! Yee ha!!!

I hope when reading it, it reminds you all of your own special 'Grandma' memories!

With love and until next time, Amy x

Ps. To grab a copy of ‘Jo-Jo and Gran-Gran All in a Week!” head over to Amazon right now!!!