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Let's talk business...

Hello everyone!

As I write this newsletter it’s back to school or back to work for most people (booooo!).

I'm sure many of you are suffering from holiday blues or struggling to get into the ‘swing of things’ and a few (unfortunately!) are already starting to fear the sound of the dreaded ‘C’ word – Christmas! 95 days and counting!! Ho ho ho!!

Let's talk business... we're exactly half way through the financial year. Jeeez!! Many businesses are busy tallying up what they spent, whilst others are figuring out what they’ve got left to spend. And slowly but surely the dark nights are starting to set in (feel depressed yet?!!) it can feel quite gloomy and perhaps a stressful time of year. Well... do not fear readers! Super Amy is here!! Earlier this year I had the opportunity (and pleasure) to work with the speaker & author from ‘Leading from The Edge’, James Hilton. In James book he shares his story... once suffering a breakdown due to work related stress whilst working as head teacher in one the Uk’s biggest primary school, he also shares how he made a full recovery, Phew!!

I can hear it now... ‘Oh Amy  - This is quite a heavy topic’ but hang on in there, this is the exact reason why James wanted me create some promotional material! Wooo hoo!

The problem is ‘stress’!  It's for sure one of those topics that many people don’t like to talk about and yet if they do talk about it can be seen as a sign of weakness. Be strong peeps!

With that in mind, it’s for sure a VERY important topic indeed! With the need to get more people talking about it's the exact reason why James asked me to bring to life his ‘Top 10 Stress Busting Tips’, yee ha!!  They are a collection of ideas, approaches, techniques and habits we can all (no excuses!) introduce into our daily life that add up to make big differences.

Stress poster blog

That’s the poster I developed (one of my faves!), I also recreated it into a mini postcard size (ideal to slot into the front of your diary or to tuck away in your handbag to get out in those times of need!) I have since broken it up into individual tips to use as part of a very exciting marketing campaign. You’ll see all of the above is my handy work – the colour palette, the illustration’s and the layout.

Final reminder...  when your back at work this week or worrying about your friend who’s already finished her ‘C’ shopping list (yawn!) have a little think back to James tips and see if they can help you to put things back into perspective!

Until next time Amy x

Ps, To grab your copy of ‘Leading From The Edge’ or to find out more about James’s work head over to