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Super exciting news alert!!!

Hello again, Super exciting news alert!!! My latest book hasn’t even reached its publication date yet. In fact.... that’s exactly a week from today; August 25th!! EEKKKK, EXCITING!! 

Even though it's not ‘officially’ launched it was put into WHSmiths Rail/Airport shops over the weekend and in the smallest amount of time EVER I had the best news!! It only went and made its way to the number 4 slot in the book charts! Yay!! How awesome is that!?

Emotional intelligence blog - charts

As you can see the title of the book is “The Little Book of Emotional Intelligence: How to flourish in a Crazy World”. It's written by the wonderful Andy Cope. You may very well recognize his name as he’s also the author of the best-selling children’s series; ‘Spy Dog’, the founder of the training company ‘Art of brilliance’ and he's from just up the road – Derby!

Andy has been studying a Phd in positive psychology, happiness & flourishing and is set to be the Uk’s first and only Dr of Happiness! Now that is a title, Wow! The book sums up 10 years (Yes, 10 WHOLE years in JUST one book!) of his research. Delivered to you in his signature, unique, fast moving and laugh out loud style. (It really is super awesome!) He talks about ‘The dog turd of life’, ‘Irritable B**tard Syndrome’ and ‘Blue dots’ (may not make any sense to you, but they will either seriously have you in fits of giggles or make you think twice!)

The book is bursting at the seams with Andy’s energy, passion, knowledge and life experiences as well as being packed full with back to front thinking, techniques and quotes.

The book is published by Hodder & Stoughton and I had the most fun (and biggest honour) bringing it to life! Everything you see... from the illustrations, design and set of the book was all my handy work. Yeee ha! I seriously cannot tell you just how proud I am of it and how super proud I am to see it sitting on the ACTUAL shelves of WHSmiths – a dream come true!! (sheds a tear of happiness!) #dreamsreallydocometrue

Here’s a few sneaky pages from the book... as you can see I created the layout, drew the pic’s, created the patterns and topped it off with lots of special ‘Amy’ handwriting.

Emotional intelligence - pages

With the publication date just around the corner, I can’t wait to see the journey the book takes  – I reckon the sky’s the limit with this one!

Until next time Amy x

Ps, To grab your copy of ‘The Little Book of Emotional Intelligence’ or to find out more about Andy’s work head over to

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