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Illustrations and Design Illustrations and Design by Amy Bradley Fun, colourful illustrations for everyone!

Hello everyone!

It’s that time of year again when schools seem to be over run with end of term activities; so many of my friends with children seem to be rushing off to sports day or desperately buying sports pumps for such events!

I haven’t got children myself; so up until recently I had no idea how the school year worked (I could look back and try to remember how we did things back in the day, but that would be 1 hell of a mission!). Inevitably it fell down to my Mum, Grandparents and teachers to organise me sufficiently for the events that greeted me at school.

However… (this is the exciting bit!)… My lack of knowledge all changed when probably one the most inspirational woman I’ve EVER met and also my lovely client; Shonette Bason Wood asked me to Design and Illustrate her ‘Academic Diary for Early Years Teachers’ and gosh… was I excited!!

Diary - advert

The finished product is literally bursting at the seams with colour, energy, ideas, happiness and joy!

You’ll find it’s not a traditional ‘Teacher Diary’ – I remember my school teachers having matching beige, grey or black diaries that looked neat, professional and to me, ahem, boring!!! Our diary is traditional with a slight twist! It’s A5 and has a rather retro wire binding (that all good teachers can conveniently clip there teacher pen into!) Genius!

Diary - weeks

When opening the diary you’ll find each week consists of a double page spread with an additional page of ‘Shonette ideas’ and a page to make note of your very own ideas! You only have to flick a page or two on to realise that the diary is also full of inspirational quotes, the most amazing ideas for the classroom, preparation for the weeks ahead and some of the most important dates of the year… even National Nutella day features!!!! (That’s my kind of day!!)

I designed it so that each month had its very own colour scheme and pattern… the tricky part was getting all the months of the year to work together. For instance, I had to find a way of getting August to flow beautifully into September and then to find a natural progression into October, into November, December and so on, whilst still giving each month it’s own identity

I created all the patterns myself; having started out as a Surface Pattern Design student many years ago I absolutely loved going back to my routes. Have a look at this image of the collection of patterns – I think you’ll gather what I’m talking about...

Diary - patterns

Finally… having spent lots of time designing and illustrating a whopping 208 pages of the ‘Spread The Happiness’ Academic Diary 2016-2017, I can definitely say I learnt a thing or two about how the school calendar works! My friends will be pleased!

I was extremely chuffed to be asked to work on this project and as anyone who really knows me, will KNOW how I adore a diary so it was a fab opportunity to show off my diary loving passion!! Woo hoo!

Until next time
Amy x

Ps… The diary makes a perfect end/start of term gift for teachers everywhere! Treat your lovely teacher by popping over to