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Just a quick one…

Hello again,

As the title of this one hints this is a SUPER quick blog post!

I am dying to tell you all about ‘The Soul Man’ event which took place at Alton Village Hall a couple of weeks ago in aid of rising money for ‘Diabetes UK’! Diabetes affects my Mum, Uncle, Aunty and now my Sister; all facing a daily battle of monitoring their blood sugar levels and injecting several times throughout the day! Not for the faint hearted!!

Soulman poster

Of course, as you can see, I designed & illustrated the posters & tickets for the ‘do’.

Andy (Aka; 'The Soul Man’) has a lot of hair!! Of which I witnessed get much bigger as he did his Soul, Motown and Reggae thing!

Soulman event

It was such a brilliant night, 'The Soul Man' got everyone involved, dancing the night away into the early hours! We raised a MASSIVE £720! Wow!!

The event organiser (Aka; my Aunty!) LOVED my version of Andy so much she got it put on her T-shirt! Now that's a fan!!

I also particularly enjoyed the chippy supper washed down with a Mojito (My kinda of meal!)

Until next time

Amy x