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International Dough Disco

Hello Everyone, I’m so SUPER excited to tell you about a brand NEW book. It’s called ‘Lets go to the Dough Disco’ its written by the amazzzzing Shonette Bason Wood from Spread The Happiness …and of course its illustrated & designed by moi!

Disco Dough book cover

I know what your thinking, ‘What’s Dough Disco?’ Well it’s a fine muscle exercise that Shonette invented when she realized the children in her class (Shonettes also an early years teacher) were struggling to write letters. She read a lot of books about brain development and found that fingers are one of the last things the brain controls. A group of neuro developmental practioners called INPP do an exercise with older children called tapping. It’s simply tapping the fingers in a certain order, some quite complex, on the table in front of them. Shonette enjoyed it as much as the children and it began the growth of Dough Disco. Dough is used because everyone loves dough and disco because music stimulates our happiness levels. The book is a simple instructional text on how you can ‘Go to the Dough Disco’ it’s popular for any age from 0-100, here’s some of the pages taken from the book.

Disco Dough blog - Pages

The launch is just ahead of ‘International Dough Disco Day’ #DoughDiscoDay which will take place on June 9th 2016. With over 1000 schools from all over the world including Barcelona, Germany, South Africa, Dubai, Australia and New Zealand with many more signing up to get involved. The good news is that there is still time for more schools to get involved just pop over to, where you can sign up for all the latest information and receive a free download of ideas. Plus you’ll find link’s to buy your very own pot/s of Disco Dough (Again you’ll find the packing was designed by me! #eek).

Disco Dough blog - Logo

If all this has got you too excited and your itching to go to the Dough Disco then here’s a recipe (I had the most fun putting it together) for you to make your very own dough at home.

Dough Recipe

Until next time

Amy x