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A 2%er?

Earlier this week I went to the annual gathering of the ‘2%ers’ held by the Art of Brilliance Team at Alton Towers Hotel.

Yes I already know what you’re thinking: ‘Amy, what the heck is a 2%er?’ Well let me tell you….

A 2%er refers to 2% of the population… It’s a scary statistic that only 2% of the population CHOOSE to be HAPPY. ‘So what, some of you may ask!’ Well I kinda think it’s a big deal because it’s those 2%er’s who live life to the full, make their dreams come true and live a full colour reality!

2%er’s tend to have the following characteristics: FULL of confidence, have a spring in their step EVERYDAY, are ENTHUSASTIC, are FULL of energy, they LIGHT up a room, age LESS, & live LONGER. (Why wouldn’t you want to be one?!)

You wana know the SECRET to being a 2%er?! Well it takes EFFORT and you have to choose to be HAPPY! Check out this cool inforgrahic which I had the pleasure of designing….

AOB 2percenters

Unfortunately, as you can see it’s far easier to be like the other 98% of the population, leading a BORING black & white life! Even worse you could fall into the trap of becoming a ‘Mood Hoover’ - a term that the Art of Brilliance use for people who tend to light up a room when they LEAVE the room; they lack energy, live a dull existence and they’ll SUCK the life out of ya! (WARNING; avoid Mood Hoovers at all costs!)

So… the idea behind the gathering was to recharge the 2%er’s and send them back into society ready & raring to go! Wooohooo!!

As many of you will already know I do loads of work for the Art of Brilliance and in preparation for the event I supplied lots of illustrations for their NEW beyond brilliant website which was put together by my amazing friend Carl @ IncludeCreative! Check it out; I also designed slides for the presentation and it was AMAZING seeing ‘The Brilliant Route Map’ I designed scattered across the tables.


I had such a BRILLIANT day! It was jam-packed with a real mix of speakers from the young to the wise (well older!) whom had traveled far and wide, all from different walks of life with the aim of enlightening the 2%ers with enthusiasm & wisdom!

The speakers encouraged the crowd to play with lego, build with spaghetti and to swap seats (clearly not a boring bunch!!). I took the opportunity to mingle with the HAPPY peeps, after all, the books I illustrate end up in their hands!

Having felt the energy BUZZING in the room I can’t wait to start work on the next one :-) Watch this space….

Amy x