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Happy 2016

Happy 2016 to you all, I wish you all a great year! It's lovely to be back in the studio and I’m getting back into the full swing of it!

I haven’t 'as of yet' got anything ‘BRAND NEW’ to show you.... (well I have but I’m not allowed to share yet...I'll keep you posted!) shhhh!!!! So... instead of going all quiet on you and because I’m sooooo excited about what the year holds, I thought I’d share with you my goals/hopes/dreams for the 2016…

  1. Conquer the licensing world. I want do further Illustration’s & Design for all kinds of products.... I’m thinking greetings cards, tin’s, mugs, socks, pants, stationery and so much more.

  2. One day I’d LOVE to have my own shop/studio. It’ll be a place to sell my ware's and a place where I can create my ware’s, that's why it’s important for me to rock the licensing world this year so I can stock my shop with lots of ‘Amy Bradley’ stuff! Woo hoo!! Although it probably won’t be this year I’ll be able to make this a reality (I'll try at least!) – I intend on starting my research!!

  3. To illustrate at least one book a month on top of other projects (Whoop, this is exciting!)

  4. To get some more shelves up in my studio – I’ll need them to home all my new books and products!

  5. To eat least 5 portions of fruit & veg a day, to get at least 20 mins exercise a day and to get plenty of sleep – yikes, that’s a big one!!

Wish me luck!!

Now you know more about my plans, that's it for now I'm afraid! I must rush … dolls houses, dog poo and dragons are calling me to be drawn!!!

Have fun

Amy x