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Another new BOOK!

Hi guys, I’ve had such a busy month that I’m only just getting round to telling you about another new BOOK!!

Teaching Primary French

Its a good job I more than love books because they're coming at me in all angles, shapes, sizes and forms at the moment which means lots of lovely, exciting and fun stuff to come in 2016, eek SO exciting! Anyway back to 2015 ‘Games for Teaching Primary French’ is a gorgeous, gorgeous book published by Crown House Publishing. Its a practical toolkit bursting with a variety of fun and engaging games for teaching primary French written by Daniele Bourdais and Sue Finnie.

Like most of the projects I do for CH I was asked to design the cover and to then supply them with a series of black and white illustrations for the design team to insert into the book. Perhaps you’ll notice I was asked to do something slightly different, so I opted for more of a ‘scribbly’ approach, I LOVED it, it was so much fun and even my French improved!! If you’d like your very own copy of the book follow this link to buy it from Amazon.

Here’s some of the illo’s for you to take a peek at, enjoy!!

Image Image

Until next time

Amy x

Ps To see more of my illustrations from '‘Games for Teaching Primary French’ visit the ‘Games for Teaching Primary French’ portfolio page!